Commercial Streaming Solutions  

Music Streaming Revenues in North America Soar to Over 8 Billion 


• Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate 2017 to 2022 of 8.2% resulting in a market  volume of $12,411m 2022 

• User penetration is at 24.5% in 2019 and is expected to hit 26.6% in 2022

SOCAN the Music Copyright Collections Agency in Canada Report Revenues Skyrocket 525% from 2013 to 2019, 3.4 Million to 21.3 Million

What We Do

 Supply a Turn Key Solution from 5 to Unlimited Streams per Client 
• Extensive Song Library Covering All Genres
• Highly Focuses Training Program for Management and Salesforce
• Sales Materials are Custom Branded to Your Brand
• Supply Promotional Concepts and Ideas to Ensure Each Streams              Success
• Our Teams Manage all Streams Seamlessly. We Write, Engineer &               Produce All Radio Commercials, Program All Streams, Manage Station     Traffic & Supply Affidavits for Billing Purposes

Radio Player Example

( We will happily supply you a DIY Player Kit so your IT person can create your own custom player to suit your brand or you can just have us do it for you )

The Landscape Has Changed....Forever

Our Studios Produce the Highest Quality Streams & Radio Commercials